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Epoxy Concrete Coatings


Epoxy Concrete Coatings by Jake's Floor Care in Kendallville and Fort Wayne, Indiana

When it comes to flooring options, there are plenty of choices available. But what if you want something that's not only durable but looks great too? That's where epoxy concrete coatings come in - a protective and decorative coating applied to concrete surfaces. At Jake's Floor Care, we've been providing high-quality epoxy coatings for over 10 years now with exceptional results.

Our team of professionals follows strict procedures when applying epoxy coatings to ensure quality results every time. Plus, our services are customized according to your specific needs through complimentary consultations.

What are Epoxy Concrete Coatings?

Epoxy concrete coatings are protective and decorative coatings that are applied to concrete surfaces. They provide added protection against wear and tear, while also improving the aesthetics of the surface. Epoxy concrete coatings consist of two components mixed together - resin and hardener - which form an incredibly strong adhesive bond.

Benefits of Epoxy Concrete Coatings 

There are several benefits that come with applying epoxy concrete coatings on your floors


Epoxy coatings provide an added layer of protection on top of your existing flooring, making it more durable against heavy traffic and wear and tear.


The application process allows for customization options such as different colors, finishes, or designs giving you complete control over the final look.

Easy Maintenance

Once the epoxy coating is applied, cleaning becomes easier since the surface becomes non-porous.


Applying an epoxy coating can be more cost-effective than replacing old flooring entirely while still improving its lifespan.

Application Process

At Jake's Floor Care, we follow strict procedures when applying epoxy concrete coatings to ensure quality results

Surface Preparation

Before any application takes place; our team prepares the floor by thoroughly cleaning it first by grinding down any rough spots.


The next step involves priming the floor using commercial-grade primer kits designed specifically for use with high-performance epoxies.


Our professionals apply multiple coats using specialized techniques until we reach optimal thickness measurements according to industry standards.


The final step involves allowing the surface to cure completely, which can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the type of coating being used.

Maintenance and Care

Epoxy coatings are low maintenance but still require some upkeep. Here are some tips for maintaining your epoxy-coated floors

Clean spills immediately

Epoxy coatings have a non-porous surface that makes them resistant to stains, but it's best practice to clean up any spills as soon as they occur before they settle in.

Regular cleaning

Routine sweeping or vacuuming helps keep dirt and debris from accumulating on your floor's surface over time.

Avoid abrasive cleaning tools

Using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools like steel wool pads or hard-bristled brushes may damage the coating causing scratches.

Jake's Floor Care - Epoxy Concrete Coatings in Kendallville and Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jake's Floor Care is dedicated to providing top-notch services when it comes to epoxy concrete coatings in Kendallville and Fort Wayne, Indiana areas. Our team of professionals ensures that every job meets industry standards. We deliver quality results using specialized techniques we've developed through years of experience perfecting our craft.


Moreover, we provide complimentary consultations during which you can communicate your requirements to us, enabling us to tailor our services to your specific needs. Contact us today at Jake's Floor Care for more information about how we can help transform your floors into a durable work-of-art with customized epoxy concrete coatings tailored specifically for you!

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