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Metallic And Marble Epoxy

Metallic And Marble Epoxy In Kendallville and Fort Wayne Indiana

Metallic And Marble Epoxy by Jake's Floor Care in Kendallville and Fort Wayne, Indiana

Are you looking for a unique flooring solution that provides both durability and aesthetic appeal? Look no further than metallic and marble epoxy! At Jake's Floor Care, we offer exceptional services to clients in Kendallville and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our team of experienced professionals has been providing this service for over ten years, making us the go-to choice for those seeking quality workmanship. With benefits such as stain resistance, low maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional flooring options like hardwoods or tiles- there are plenty of reasons why you should choose metallic or marble epoxy.

What Is Metallic and Marble Epoxy?

Metallic epoxy is a type of decorative coating designed for floors, which provides a unique look that mimics natural stones such as granite or marble. It contains small metallic pigments mixed with an epoxy resin system that gives it its shimmering effect. On the other hand, marble epoxy is a blend of natural stone chips combined with an epoxy resin system to create an elegant finish.

Why Choose Metallic and Marble Epoxy?

There are several reasons why you should choose metallic and marble epoxy flooring over traditional flooring options:


Both metallic and marble epoxies are incredibly durable and long-lasting compared to other types of floor coatings.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining these types of floors requires minimal effort as they do not require waxing or polishing like traditional floors would need regularly.

Aesthetic Appeal

The shimmering effect produced by metallic epoxy creates a unique visual appeal that enhances your space's overall aesthetic value.

Stain Resistance

Unlike traditional floors, both metallic and marble epoxies are resistant to stains caused by chemicals or spills from liquids like wine or coffee.


As compared to traditional flooring options like hardwoods or tiles, installing metallic and marble epoxies can be cost-effective while providing similar durability levels.

How Is It Installed?

The installation process for both types can vary depending on the client’s specific requirements; however here at Jake's Floor Care we follow some standard steps

Surface Preparation

The first step is to prepare the surface of your floor. Our team will remove any existing flooring materials and clean the area thoroughly.

Primer Coat

After cleaning, a primer coat is applied to the surface. This ensures that there are no air bubbles or moisture trapped under the epoxy coating, which can damage its durability.

Epoxy Coating Application

Once the primer has cured, our team applies a base coat of metallic or marble epoxy on top of it. We use trowels or rollers for this process to create an even finish.

Design Creation

Once we have covered all areas with solid color coats we then move into creating designs if requested by clients like swirls or 3D effects

Top-Coat Sealing

Finally, after ensuring that everything looks perfect and meets our high standards -we apply a clear top-coat sealant over your new floors to ensure maximum durability.

Jake's Floor Care - Metallic and Marble Epoxy in Kendallville and Fort Wayne, Indiana

At Jake's Floor Care, we take pride in offering exceptional services that meet our client’s needs while providing unique solutions. If you're looking for durable and low-maintenance flooring options with incredible aesthetic appeal at affordable prices- look no further than metallic and marble epoxies! Contact us today to receive a free quote and see how we can help transform your space!

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